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[Press] Renonation

15th Jun 2015

Our Vesuvius beanbag was reviewed on Renonation, a leading home renovation and interior design website in Singapore.

“SoftRock Living really lives up to its promise; the materials used for Vesuvius are thick and all the stitches are straight, neatly done and there are absolutely no stray threads at all. The deluxe cover zip is smooth to operate and the the inside zipper is also child-proof for safety. Its cover is extremely easy to take off and slip back on.”

“Well, how does Vesuvius fare when I have guests over? It is a certainly a pleasant surprise that Vesuvius proved to be a great hit among my guests during the Christmas and New Year gatherings. In actuality, Vesuvius has since been used as….

  • A “communal” sofa as my guests snuggle up and chill out with a cuppa coffee. In fact, I am surprised to find out that Vesuvius is able to provide comfortable seating for not two but three petite ladies!
  • An extra coffee table when my existing one ran out of space;
  • A makeshift game “table” for game board addicts guests;
  • A sofa bed for one of my drunk tired guests and;
  • A huggable TV companion – my bestie actually joked that if Baymax (a personal healthcare robot from the highly acclaimed movie, Big Hero 6) is real, Baymax would perhaps be as big, warm and cuddle-some as Vesuvius.”


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Renonation - SoftRock beanbag review